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From the Wild / A wild journey towards Sweden

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The lovely rural inn of Edleskogs Wardshus presents a multi-day wild food workshop/vacation, with special guests from the ‘From The Wild’ team. Your Swedish home base will be lakeside [Lake Edslan], with daily activities including foraging, fishing, hiking, butchery, charcuterie, and wild food cookery. We will ensure days include sufficient time to relax, enjoy the peace and quiet of the remote countryside, while sitting by a fire with a drink in your hand. Your daily meals and activities will be centred around the wild and local foods of the region, and you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate in the large kitchens with guests and hosts on communal wild food meals. Our goal is to immerse you in the beauty and flavours of the region, offer hands-on learning and practical experience, with plenty of time to kick back and relax. Want to cook roedeer [that you helped butcher] over a fire, sauce it with lingonberry [that you foraged], wash it down with a Swedish whiskey, while looking out at the lake and hills you hiked that day? It’ll be that kind of trip.
Edleskogs Wardshus is run by the charcuterie-talented Johan Postma, who will be your local guide and host. You will have the opportunity to fish, get familiar with the Swedish hunting culture, visit a moose butchery, meet local people, forage for wild berries and mushrooms, make jams, moose and roedeer sausage, cook wild foods everyday for your own dinner, hike, relax, and more. 
Arrival in Oslo Gardermoen, coffeestop in Oslo, arrival and installation in Edsleskogs Wärdshus. Dinner and desert, and a quiet evening at the inn on the lake.
Morning: we’ll hike off any jetlag on a berry picking & mushroom forage in the rocky, moss-covered Dalsland forest. afternoon: jam making [we’ll enjoy these every morning and in wild meat sauces, etc]. Preparing dinner. Evening: group dinner to share stories, relax around a fire.
Possible early morning roedeer hunting demonstration. Remainder of morning: butchery. afternoon: charcuterie workshop, then a well deserved break before a ‘guided’ prepping of roedeer for dinner.
Morning visit to an artisan bread bakery. Afternoon: free time, optional hiking & canoeing. Evening - use ingredients from bakery + charcuterie + local vegetables and make dinner together.
Hike to a nearby lake for some guided fishing.  Our final evening dinner as a group, we prepare dinner together and  invite some locals for dinner to the inn, and cook for our new Swedish friends with the bounty of the previous few days - don’t worry, it will be facilitated to keep it easy and fun. 
Checking out and transportation to Oslo Gardermoen
If you’re leaving from Canada, Iceland air provides very economical flights to Oslo, allowing you a stopover in stunning volcanic tundra that is Iceland. If you want to make this a leg of a longer journey to Europe, you absolutely should. Our meet-up point will be at the Oslo Gardermoen airport, which is also the drop off point. We’re taking you into remote rural Sweden from there, so after that you just need to kick back, enjoy, learn, get your hands dirty, and eat - until we return you to the airport. Other meet-up arrangements in Oslo might be possible, please let Johan know if you have questions. 
Q: is the price all inclusive?
A: the price of $1495 CAD includes your transport from and to the Oslo airport meeting point, accommodation in a double occupancy room, breakfasts and food for lunches and suppers, all workshops, all guiding. It does not include your flight to Oslo, or alcohol at the inn. Contact Johan to book your spot! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Q: I have questions…
A: Johan is your innkeeper, local guide, and host. His email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Q: How do I get from and to the airport?
A: All local transport provided by coach or minibus ordered by inkeeper Johan. Details on meeting location at the airport provided later via email. 
Q: How should I pack for clothes?
A: Expect frosty-cool mornings and evenings, with warm periods during the day. Bring appropriate footwear for hiking through the forest, pack layers, and a sturdy fall jacket for a northern climate. 
Q: Where do I sleep?
A: All guests stay in double rooms with single beds, shower and toilet in the room. All rooms have a balcony overlooking Lake Edslan. 
Q: How do the shared/team meals work?
A: Breakfast is provided by Johan, our guide and innkeeper. Lunches and dinners will be sorted out by our workshop guests and guides. Food is provided, and we’ll be working with local wild ingredients each day, which we’ll make into easy to assemble meals. We’ll not only be learning about the local wild fruits and meats - we’ll be working with them every day in the kitchen.
Q: Do I have to attend every workshop/outing?
A: It’s your job to have a great time and enjoy yourself, so if you’re beat, and just need some R&R, you’re welcome to relax at the inn, and have some time to yourself. 
Q: What kinds of things in the area will we explore?
A: The inn is very rural and remote, and we will not be visiting your usual ‘European sights’. Our goal is to spend our time enjoying the lakes, forests, and people of the area. Services are limited outside of the inn, and transport will be limited to the group activities of the day. You will have endless opportunity to go for walks, hikes, enjoy lake Edslan, visit, sit by fires, etc. 
Q: What else do I need to bring?
A: Bring a fishing rod!! If you don’t want to travel with one or don’t have the gear, you can rent it when you arrive.