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Every year after the moosehunting season we make airdryed moose sausage. For this we buy approved moose directly from the forests among us. We use the
frontpart of the moose for our sausages and mix this with a little part of the back of a pig. We also have the opportunity to smoke the sausages in our Bradleysmoker. For this we use alder because this was the firste choice in local history.

In september 2014 we won a local competition and became “gastronomic champions 2015” in Dalsland. From the juryreports;”A very tastfull, new and exciting product from to enthousiastic Dutch local guesthouse owners with very nice future opportunities”.

By now you will find our sausages in some small scaled delicatesshops in Dalsland, in our own Guesthouses and during autumn you will even find us in some gastronomic events around us.

For those who are interested in making moose sausage self we offer “moose sausage weekends” filled with wild, sausage, smoking and whisky.

Below you will find some pictures about the moose sausage making and the workshop weekends.


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