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About Us
Living so close to nature gives us certain responsabilities

Our hotel

Edsleskogs Wärdshus is a very small hotel near to Lake Edslan and in the middle of several nature reserves. This location makes us aware of our behaviour and responsability towards nature.

We see lots of guests who love to be out in nature; hiking, fishing, running, hunting, taking pictures and picking berries. We ask our guests to follow the hiking trails, fish "catch & release",  do not take or pick more than you need and leave nothing but your footsteps.


We offer a restaurant for our hotelguests. Do not expect flashy 5 course dinners with matching wine arrangements; we offer a tasty meal, desert and coffee / tea that suits almost every one. Please inform us in forehand about possible allergies. 

Nature is always open and welcomes you with all kind of opportunities.

Just go out to unwind and relax, follow some small hikingpaths, take your boat or bicycle and enjoy.

We allow wel behaving dogs for a small extra cost. 


In our hotel we recycle as much as possible. Our guests are very welcome to help us dividing plastics and glassware etc. We cooprerate with companies that also work on sustainability. 

Our menus are as much as possible based on the seasons and we use as much as possible products from our own garden.

In dispite of Swedens "allemansrätten" we recommend all our guests to use the well marked trails and take litter back home. 

Together with all our sportfishing guests we follow the philosophy of "Catch&Release"... release every fish you catch and give future guests the same possibilities as you have today. 

During our "venison workshop weekends" we inform all guests that we take no more from nature then it has to offer. And we use all parts of the animal. Not only the fancy and most famous parts… we also make haggis !!! :)  

The seasons

During winter we see guests who like to ski, go out for a snowshoehinking tour, icefishing or relax in our hottub and look at the stars.

During spring our hotel is a hotspot for pikefishing guests. The province of Dalsland is filled with lakes (not to mention Eurtopes third biggest lake Vänern). Also trailrunners like to open their green season in the forests and over the hills among us.

During summer "the whole world visits Dalsland" to enjoy Dalslands highlights. We offer lots of hikingmaps and can show you the way towards the nicest well marked hikingtrails around Sörknatten, Yttre Bodane, Vänern archipelago and Dalslands highest point "Baljåsen".


And during autumn we offer all possibilities for berry picking,  whiksytasting weekends and "masterclass weekends" in "head to tail" butchering of venison; make your own pate, salami´s of smoked sausages of local wild. 

We are very thankfull for all the postive reviews we received over the years.

You can find reviews on Google, and Tripadvisor.


In may 2018 it was 10 years gone since we moved from the Netherlands to Sweden and we made the same picture again :) 

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