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During summer  we invite you to stay over for some nights to enjoy festivities , enjoy the endless sunshine from your balcony, do some hiking, cycling or paddling or some trailrunning,see all the flowers that are blooming or visit some of our collegues who over all kind of activities and sightseeing possibilities.  


We dare to say that we are specialised in hiking and cyclingpackages. We offer you the whole kit... hotel, breakfast, lunchpackage, maps all over the province and maps how to get there.

After a nice day in the forests and along the lakes there is a two course dinner waiting for you.


You choose from hiking and cyclingtours between 2,5 and 25 km and we can help you to combine hiking, cycling and culture, to help you find the most interesting places in Dalsland. We offer you for example trails and roads over Dalslands highest point Baljåsen and over Sörknatten ridge from which both you have a magnificent view over Lake Vänern, Europe´s third biggest lake.

Do not forget to plan some bathing hours when you plan a hike along the shores of Lake Vänern at Yttre Bodane or Tösse. And prepare for real wildlife and ancient forests in National Park Trestickland. 




During wintertime we offer guided hikingdays on snowshoes for groups. We drive your group to the nicest hikingtrails and guide you around on snowshoes. At the end we warm up while we grill some home made venison sausages and burgers over open fire. 

The English newspaper "The Guardian" and the Dutch outdoor magazine Salt had a nice article about "hiking the pilgrimstrail" between Upperud and Edsleskog and both stayed over in our our hotel


steneby_515- Photo Cred Jonas Ingman.jpg
Dalsland-TrollskogWalk- Photo Cred Roger
Dalslands Kanal-Håverud Storholmen01- Ph
not_quite-09431- Photo Cred Katrin Baath
Dalslands Kanal-Akvedukten- Photo Cred R
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